Cooperative Broker

co-op-brokerge.jpgOpen Listing?  Exclusive Listings? MLS? – Our consumers are smart, whether buying your first home or your fifth, there is a multitude of information and “how-to’s”.

However, understanding the nuances of our marketing approach may make you reconsider the traditional thinking’s of the conventional marketing.  Understanding that what is preached on TV, or found to be the norm in large urban markets, may not be best suited for community based sales.  
We won't limit your buyers.  If it is a competitor, an out of town referral, or a broker from a neighboring community your exclusive listing with us leaves the door open for anyone we deem ready, willing, and able.  The best news, it doesn't cost you anything.  When you list exclusively with us, the commission we agree on will be divided with the selling agent upon a successful closing.